From The New Yorker Magazine | by Edel Rodriguez

J. Bennett Fitts

In the series of moody color photographs he calls ŇNo Lifeguard on Duty,Ó Fitts gives us postcard-style views of motel and public pools in paved over, or otherwise off-limits. Though not exactly Paradise Lost, itŐs a vision of thwarted pleasure made all the more poignant by a palette of muted sunset colors as washed out as an old beach towel. This is pointedly downbeat material for a summer show, but Fitts isnŐt just dragging us through the pond scum; heŐs inviting us to revel in those pink-tinged, baby-blue skies.
Through Aug. 11. (Saul, 535 W. 22nd St. 212-627-2410)